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Submersible Sump Pump

These types of electrical pumps are installed in a pit usually in a basement and are designed to work underwater. They have a float-activated switch or check valve that turns the pump on when the water in the pump causes the check valve to rise.  Universal Plumbing & Sewer, Inc recommends a cast iron sump pump.  Our trucks are fully stocked with Zoeller and/or Liberty pumps in 1/3 HP & 1/2 HP.  The submersible sump pumps are quieter than other styles and tend to have a longer life because their sealed, oil-cooled motors are protected from moisture and dust.

No matter what type you have, each sump pump should have a check valve on the water outlet pipe so water does not flow back into the sump when the pump shuts off. Water flowing back and forth can cause the pump to turn on and off more than necessary and shorten the life of the pump.

Sump Pump Premium Deal 



An electric pump that stands upright, with a motor a few feet above it that is not meant to get wet. It has a float-activated switch that turns the pump on when the water reaches a certain level. This type of sump pump is ideal for basements needing frequent water drainage. They usually are the least expensive but are noisier than the submersibles.

Water Powered Back Up Sump Pump

This type of pump runs off the water pressure from your home's plumbing system and has the same float-activated switch. These pumps handle water at a comparable rate to the electric types, but require no electricity to operate. It can be installed along side an electric sump and is generally used as a back up system during a power failure. If you have a finished basement or use the space for storage, a back up sump pump is a very cost effiective way to gain peace of mind.  Please contact our office for more information or to schedule a free estimate. 

Sump Pump Alarms

There are multiple types of sump pump alarms. Some make a loud beeping noise or siren in the house to alert the homeowners that the water level is reaching an unsafe level, while others are able to send an alert via text message. Not only do they range in types they range in price everywhere from approximately $65 to approximately $350 installed depending on your specific needs. For more information on the pitboss, click HERE.  


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